PPB Structures.Derviche Haddad Sal. is a Company established in May 2003 as a joint venture of two Companies PPB Structures Sal & Societe Industrielle Des Etablissements Derviche Y. Haddad Sal.

Founded in 1890, Derviche Haddad Establishment has since become a leader in the field of construction materials in the Middle East capitalizing on quality products and constantly updated technical know-how. The 1930s saw an expansion in floor tiles and the 1950s in precast concrete.

PPB Structures SAL was founded in 1981 with the aim of providing affordable and fast construction systems. Since then, PPB Structures spread the use of precast prestressed concrete structural components that it produces under the license (and hence quality control) of KP1 International (PPB) besides a contract of a permanent technical assistance.

25 years later and after 7 million m² of executed floors, PPB Structures became the leader in the field of precast prestressed concrete.

In order to provide a wider range of products and an even more irreprocable service, Derviche Haddad and PPB Structures established a joint venture in May 2003 called PPB Structures.Derviche Haddad SAL which operates in Lebanon and Syria and which became in the region the number one manufacturer of precast prestressed concrete products such as beams, hollowcore, floorbeams, preslabs, floor tiling and concrete products such interlock pavers concrete tiles borders & holicoidal stairs. 


I- Mission Statement:


The company is specialized in precast and prestressed works. It has executed through its parent Companies major precast and prestressed jobs in Lebanon keeping excellent references and reputation in the market. (more than 10 000 000 m² of precast slabs)

In addition to the above a Division of the Company manufactures a large variety of floor covering &Precast Architectural Elements.


II- Scope of Work:


Structures.Derviche Haddad Sal. Provides to its clients the following services:

  • Supply of precast prestressed structural components on site.
  • Technical computations and justifications of its products.
  • Technical supervision and assistance on site upon erection of precast products.


III- International Cooperation and Technical Assistance:


Structures.Derviche Haddad Sal. Has a ‘Cession of License and Technical Assistance’ contract with the French Company KP1 International (PPB) to use its patents in precast prestressed concrete, and to apply its production process in the industrial manufacturing of an open range of components, which can be integrated in any constructive design.

Through KP1 International, Structures.Derviche Haddad Sal. has a license from the French Code Committee to produce precast prestressed elements, which is formulated by the ‘Avis Technique sur les planchers PPB’.

The permanent assistance of KP1 International (PPB) guarantees to the client the security and assurance of high quality products and services.

 IV- Design Department:

The design department consists of 14 persons (10 engineers and 4 drawing technicians) backed up by several design software (ROBOT, PLANET, specific software from KP1 International, etc.). Furthermore, the design department is supported by the research center of KP1 International, Which provide us with all the technical support ranging from complete design to references and computer software.