Our Products

Indoor and outdoor use is common for the separation and decorative items that are guaranteed to add a modern charm to any structure they are integrated to. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and shades. Claustra are produced on a semi-automatic pressing machine that is capable to produce 950 elements per eight working hours.


Reviving the tradition of the heart-warming patterns, nowadays any personal space can have this decorative retro touch through our selection combining taste and affordability. Within the wide range, several color and background combination options are available according to taste. Pattern Terrazzo is processed on a special pressing machine with an output of 100 tiles a day.


Building blocks with different textures, sizes, and shapes. Output 2000 blocks a day.

Are manufactured in accordance with the national and international norms. Available in various shapes and dimensions. Are either processed by the traditional wet concrete process with an output of 100 L.M a day or by a special pressing machine with an output of 300 L.M a day.